In May 1985, I travelled to New York with my wife Talyn in what was to become my eight-year odyssey in America. I started my first business with my brother Chris, which was a furniture importing company with distribution across interior design showrooms in all major American cities.

Fast forward to 1987, my parents had an investment in commercial real estate in New Jersey, not far from us, which was in trouble because of management deceptions. We were asked to intervene, which we did. As prospects of our furniture business no longer appealed, we decided to close it.

Using what I had learned about Napoleon’s war tactics at school, I decided to apply them to this current problem. We spent about three months quietly preparing for war, while playing ball with the current management. We appointed new lawyers, accountants, insurance brokers, and a property management team. We had no credit history in the US, so with help from our lawyers, and security of the property, we managed to secure a new mortgage. When all the various units were ready, then, on the appointed day, we struck out swiftly in one movement, Napoleonesque, preventing our adversaries from retaliating. Our new team seized control of the building, and simultaneously we fired the old management team. Once our team had settled in, my job was done. My brother stayed on to manage and grow the property, in which I remained an investor and strategic advisor for over 30 years, until we sold it in 2018.

Fast rewind to 1990, I moved to seek a new life path and after various tests, I applied to New York University to study for a master’s degree in Journalism. I graduated in May 1993, was awarded an Emmy for my news documentary in 1994, and I have since written 10 books.

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George Jerjian
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