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What is The DARE Method™?

The DARE Method™ is a unique program developed by mindset coach and mentor, George Jerjian. Based on years of research with retirees and George’s own experience of retirement, it challenges those over 55s to DARE to rebel against conventional approaches to life after work – and to choose to prosper instead.

The DARE Method™ has given retirees the world over the knowledge, mindset, and courage to live later life with passion, prosperity and, above all, purpose.

There are four steps in The DARE Method™: Discover, Assimilate, Rewire and Expand

In Discover you learn what retirement is, and what it is not.

In Assimilate you grasp a new understanding of how your mind works.

In Rewire you discover the role your subconscious mind plays in making your dreams a reality.

In Expand you harness the power of your mind to make positive changes.

Using The DARE Method™, you will…

Discover what retirement is and what it’s definitely not

By taking off our rose-tinted spectacles and stopping the delusion that retirement is a wonderful place to be, we discover it is our last chance to live with purpose and passion.

Assimilate a new understanding of your mind

By assimilating a new understanding of how our mind works, we change our present by creating new thoughts. And we replace past memories with our vision of a brighter future.

Rewire your beliefs by learning how to use your subconscious mind

By summoning the power of all our senses, we envisage and create a new software program in our minds. Impressing on our subconscious a new future, a new purpose, a new life.

Expand your horizons by manifesting your future now

By believing and manifesting that we have already received what it is that we want, our mind cannot reject that reality. There is no better life stage in which to use this power.

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“I developed The DARE Method™ after facing the challenges of retirement and realising it wasn’t the dream I had been sold throughout my working life. In retirement, I was lonely, depressed, and in despair, and after talking to thousands of other retirees I realised I wasn’t alone. It took a great deal of courage and determination for me to embark on a new journey, but I am so thankful that I did. Now I have the knowledge, psychology, strategy, and tools to help anyone, whatever their circumstances, make positive changes and DARE to discover a much more rewarding life after work.”

The DARE Method™ has been designed specifically for baby boomers – those long retired, just retired, and not yet retired.

Why wait to discover what retirement is, and what it is not? If you have any questions or want to find out more about the program, please get in touch.
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George’s latest book – DARE to Discover Your Purpose

Dare to discover your purpose - George Jerjian

Loss of identity, vulnerability, and lack of purpose; it’s not the retirement most of us dream of, but it is the reality many of us face. In the first book of its kind, George Jerjian shows retired and retiring baby boomers how to “unretire” and live life with purpose. The goal of DARE to Discover Your Purpose is to give boomers the tools to approach retirement in a different way, so they can live a life of purpose and become who they were meant to be.


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