Advance praise for Spirit of Gratitude

“There are many gems in the book – including ideas to inspire and encouragement to persevere. This is not a book to skim, but one to relax with and to reflect on, in your own unique journey of discovery and desire.”

Professor Sheila the Baroness Hollins
Professor of Psychiatry, University of London; cross bench life peer in the House of Lords, Westminster

“George Jerjian speaks with authority, because he speaks from experience – bitter experience, that taught him gratitude, nevertheless. His “Spirit of Gratitude” is a valuable introduction to that genuine gratefulness that is at is very core: Trust in Life.”

Brother David Steindl-Rast OSB
Author, Gratefulness, The Heart of Prayer, New York, USA

“Spirit of Gratitude is a deep and profound book clearly written from the Heart. This book is a testimony of strength, courage and faith and reinforces the power that gratitude brings to our lives. George’s ability to surpass obstacles and rise to his level of success is truly amazing. He has provided us with a beautiful tool to help us create the habit of focusing on the beauty in every day.”

Peggy McColl
New York Times Bestselling Author, Canada

“Using his gift as an entertaining storyteller, George shows us how his challenges pushed him to grow and prosper, and he invites us to seek the silver linings in our life challenges.”

Thomas van Straubenzee MRICS
Partner, Head of Private Office, Knight Frank, London, UK

“Spirit of Gratitude is an absolute must read! George brilliantly articulates that whatever a person can possibly need or desire is already present in their lives; they just need faith to understand this.”

Kevin E. France, Managing Partner, Momentum Consulting Group Inc., Dallas Texas.

“George Jerjian is a genius at making decisions in a crisis, time and time again.”

Katarina Hanssens Carlsson
International Business-Vision Consultant and Trainer, Stockholm, Sweden

“There is no one more qualified to write on the topic: George Jerjian lives a life that exudes gratitude for all of life’s gifts.”

John Williamson Rick III
Fundraising Consultant, St. Louis, Missouri, USA

“George’s compelling writing and his raw openness and honesty simplifies a very complex subject matter and it is clear that he speaks from true experience… most importantly, from his heart. Spirit of Gratitude is a must read.”

Susan Hum
Mind Mastery & Success Coach, CCF, Montreal, Canada

“Spirit of Gratitude is a real page turner, marvellously uplifting, with humour, education and insight, as well as emotive personal tales, as George eloquently describes a state of being which can and does have a wonderful impact on our lives.It’s a book I will surely be sharing with others.”

Antony Haynes
Nutritional Therapist, Author, Teacher, London, England

“Open your heart and embrace the simple lessons taught on the pages of this book. Envelope yourself in the cocoon of gratitude, and watch the beautiful butterfly, of your authentic self, emerge.  This book is the perfect blueprint to show you how.”

Kim Griffith
Author, Gifted, Denver, Colorado, USA

“As a skilled wordsmith George Jerjian combines his profound experiences with profound knowledge.
Seek and you will find this book reveals the key to a joyful present and how to meet your challenges in life.”

Johanna Otto-Erley
Brand Strategist and Personal Growth Consultant, Nurnberg, Germany

Through his own journey, George masterfully helps you understand gratitude as a transformative and powerful tool that is available to all of us.”

Matthew J. Curfman, CFP®
President & Co-Owner, Richmond Brothers, Inc. Michigan, USA

“The Spirit of Gratitude is full of heart and feeling.  George Jerjian is an articulate author, who encapsulates the essence of gratitude through his stories, personal experiences, and well-researched ideas from thought leaders. Everyone who reads this book will come away uplifted.”

Rachael Downie
Proctor Gallagher Consultant, Tasmania, Australia

“The timing of this book couldn’t be better in these “times of entitlement”, and not just for the younger generation, but for all of us. I am glad to embrace all opportunities and meet all adversity with the knowledge that this is just part of the journey.”

Dr. Richard Sibthorpe
Medical Practitioner, London, England

“George Jerjian has a gift for telling stories that naturally connect our hearts to a divine wisdom that we all need to embrace in order to experience true significance and success in life.”

Christine Wendl
Business strategist, International Speaker, Author, Munich, Germany

“In Spirit of Gratitude George Jerjian takes you through his journey of life and shows you why gratitude is THE attitude for turning your life into an incredible, joyful, and unforgettable adventure.”

Sybille Schoni
Coach and Teacher, Basel, Switzerland

“An honest and enriching exploration of how we must be grateful to fail forward, time and again, to reach success.”

Mark Cutting MRICS
Atacama Europe Asset Management, Santiago, Chile

Seeking God: A Pilgrimage to the Holy Land (2013)

“This book is very detailed but also a quick read. The author sets the tone for each chapter with that day’s sights and reflections. It is also personal, as his spiritual journey is evident and powerful. And it is a book that can be read again and again as our own spiritual journey in life has its seasons!”

Karen Geraghty, Dublin, Ireland

“I have always wanted to visit the holy land and as the years have gone by I have yearned for my own personal pilgrimage to somewhere spiritually significant such as Jerusalem or Santiago to engage in introspective thought and individual exploration of my purpose and my faith. From the Sea of Galilee to the site of the last supper through the actual ‘stations of the cross’, George Jerjian (the author) takes the reader on an incredible journey in Jesus’ footsteps. Through the power of his words and amazing historical and descriptive detail, I felt as if I was on the journey myself. The author shares his first hand experience at the locations of many of the bible’s gospels and not only takes us on his wonderful journey but also provides a glimpse into his personal reflections along the way, allowing for the reader to contemplate the significance of Christ to him/her after each day or chapter of the journey. This is a book I enjoyed greatly the first time and one, which I will read again and again in the future. I am now one step closer to my own dream pilgrimage.”

Andres Rubio, London

“George Jerjian’s Seeking God is an inspirational sojourn to find truth, wisdom and self. It is more than one man’s personal journal, however, as George and his fellow travellers trace the historic steps and stories of Jesus through modern eyes with historical perceptions from their guide Sami and Christian perspective through the insights of their spiritual guide, Father Michael Mullan. Together they experience and explore the Holy Land with captivated minds and reinvigorated spirits. I can’t say the book revitalised my own spiritual fires but it has rekindled in me a desire to visit Jerusalem to see, smell, touch and taste a history and story that have shaped the following two millennium with an influence and message that echo as profoundly today as those in Christianity’s earliest days.”

Bill Russell, Cape Town, South Africa

Arabkir: Homage to an Armenian Community (2004)

“As I read chapter after chapter of George Jerjian’s Arabkir, my Mother’s stories of her village life flowed back into my being from the depth of a reservoir that was filled when I was a child. For years I have safely kept Poladian’s Armenian translation waiting for this day. Now I can purchase a book for each of my children as heirlooms of their “Grandmothers” village of origin. Thank you so much for your efforts.”

Peter Karabashian, Philadelphia

“With attention to historical detail, well-paced action and descriptive writing, it was a pleasure to read George Jerjian’s Arabkir, which is only 150 pages short, compared to the original 1,000+ page book written by Antranik Poladian in Armenian (New York, 1969). Jerjian provides essential maps, statistical tables and photographs to provide flesh to his narrative and juxtaposes the old Arabkir in Ottoman Turkey with the new Arabkir district in Yerevan, Armenia. A bonus for the descendants of Armenians of Arabkir is that Jerjian also writes a brief note on its famous sons and daughters. With the centenary of the Armenian Genocide in 2015, it would be most helpful to see Armenian books on other Ottoman towns translated into English too. For me, this book provides an interesting let alone evocative read!”

Dr Harry Hagopian, London

“Arabkir: Homage to an Armenian Community is an excellent example of the successful updating of the traditional “books of memory” originally written in Armenian post-genocide. George Jerjian gives full credit to his fellow author, Antranik Poladian upon whose 1000-page The History of the Armenians of Arabkir this book is based. The text is brought forward with sections on New Arabkir in Yerevan, Armenia, and notes on the spreading diaspora of Arabkir around the world. Jerjian deftly reduces the length of the book without losing the wonderful variety of information about old Arabkir. Chapters on history and geography are followed by more intimate details about food, poetry, music and education. Some readers might find the love songs a bit surprising and this adds to the fascination of having full translations available. A very valuable addition to the original text are the photographs taken by Jerjian’s grandfather which illustrate daily life, including scenes such as a tailor and his boy apprentices. Recommended for anyone who wishes to learn more about the world of the Armenians and their neighbors at the end of the 19th century, early 20th century.”

Susan Chilingirian, Boston

The Truth Will Set Us Free: Armenians and Turks Reconciled (2003)

“George is a pioneer.”

Former US Senator Bob Dole, Washington DC

“There are few higher callings than exposing historic lies that stifle personal liberty and economic progress. Jerjian rises to the task, exposing the truth and discovering painful truths about his own family’s past. In this eloquently written and powerfully argued book, he shows that the simple and plain truth is neither simple nor plain. Read this book if you want to understand why progress is a mirage in this part of the world.”

Hirair Hovnanian, Chairman, Armenian Assembly of America, Washington DC

“George Jerjian not only provides the readers a meaningful insight into one of the most troubling episodes of the grim history of the 20th century, but also builds up a challenging and optimistic scenario regarding the future of the region. Reading Jerjian’s admirable book one is reminded of a quote from Herman Kahn, the founding father of scenario methodology, who once noted: “History is likely to write scenarios that most observers would find implausible not only prospectively, but sometimes even in retrospect. Many sequences of events seem plausible now only because they have actually occurred; a man who knew no history might not believe any. Future events may not be drawn from a restricted list of those we have learned are possible; we should expect to go on being surprised.” As Jerjian amply illustrates, the bleak history of the region in the 20th century surprised us with its brutality many times. One can only hope that the 21st century history of the region will surprise us in a positive way confirming Jerjian’s optimistic scenario. Jerjian’s work is to be applauded.”

Paul Dragos Aligica, Fellow, The Hudson Institute, Indianapolis

“Jerjian gives us a heartfelt and effective statement for the case for bringing the Armenians and Turks to a kind of reconciliation on the troubled issue of the Genocide of 1915. In his rendering of historical accounts and plea for understanding, the author is able to separate the horrors of the distant events from present-day hopes for a different relationship between two peoples whose fate and future are permanently linked.”

Professor Ronald Suny, Department of Political Science, The University of Chicago

“George Jerjian’s book is a lucid, factual, and necessary primer on the Armenian genocide. He not only tells us the terrible story but he also gives a balanced view of Turkey’s position on the affair and presents a plan to help Turks and Armenians reconcile, however difficult such a step seems. The booklet should be read in every high school and studied and carried by every lawmaker.”

Michael Chapman, Editorial Director, Cato Institute, Washington DC

“Whatever our nationality, we all carry some horrors in our historical baggage. My country Britain was, for example, a leader in the slave trade. As George Jerjian says in his timely book, only by facing up to the past and laying to rest its ghosts can we build a future together in peace, prosperity and confidence, with that enjoyment of unity in diversity, which is the embodiment of the European dream.”

Baroness Sarah Ludford, Member of the European Parliament

“Jerjian’s book promotes a vision that leads toward recognition by Turkey in 2015 of the Armenian genocide of 1915. In so doing, it fosters reconciliation based on truth. It also charts the way forward so that Armenians and Turks can find closure to an ongoing denial of historical truth and can then proceed to live as neighbors of a global village in harmony, justice, and mutual respect. For all readers interested in the integrity of a vision that feels the deep pain associated with the Armenian genocide, Jerjian’s book is a ‘must read’ as it unpacks the stories of the past, comments on the issues of the present and offers hope for the future.”

Dr Rostom Stepanian, Chair, Campaign for the Recognition of the Armenian Genocide, London

“George Jerjian has found a persuasive and engaging combination in his book. Against a backdrop of a lively retelling of his own family’s experience of the time, his ability to compress historical detail clarifies the legal case for recognizing the Armenian genocide. Most importantly, he is brave enough to imagine a way forward post-recognition, where Turks and Armenians are reconciled and working together to help re-create a new much-improved version of the old Near eastern mosaic. Jerjian must be congratulated for daring to dream and for having the courage to stir debate in the public forum.”

Dr Susan Pattie, Senior Research Fellow (Anthropology), University College London

“In recounting his family’s survival of the Armenian genocide and the compelling arguments for recognition, Jerjian provides a fascinating proposal for reconciliation between Armenians and Turks that will spawn justice to the peoples of both lands.”

Dr Levon Chorbajian, Professor of Sociology, University of Massachusetts Lowell

Amazon comments by readers

“George Jerjian goes beyond the repetitive attempts to prove the Armenian genocide, which is already been proved beyond doubt. He offers a SOLUTION. He also points out that while Turks want reconciliation without the truth, Armenians want the truth without reconciliation. Jerjian’s proposition is creative, courageous and builds bridges in times when divisions and hatred of the other is prevalent. We all need to be exposed to solutions that can bring opposites together. This book is truly a remarkable and inspiring achievement because it instills hope in a very original way.”

Aline Izmirlian, Atherton, CA

“In this very short book George Jerjian, a British citizen of Armenian blood, implores Turks and Armenians to make peace. He starts the book with the story of Cain and Abel, which he notes is also in the Koran). Next he recounts the story of his maternal grandmother, and her family’s entanglements with the governor of Samsun and Sivas, Süleyman Necmi Selmen, who became “Prisoner Number 2812” upon being interned in Malta. Jerjian goes on to relate both the Armenian and Turkish perspectives, bolstering his case with selected incriminating quotes. They will be familiar to those who have read the literature but they should have been sourced. Jerjian devotes the remainder of the book to presenting his dream solution (chiefly, admission of genocide and restitution), and explains the purported benefits (for example, regarding restitution: “If [governments] did not intend to invest in [a] part of the country, they were better off devolving it. The less territory a country had, the less their costs, which meant there was more money left over.” See pg.75). Thankfully the tone is not vituperative, but the logic is shaky at times. I appreciated the British Foreign Office document reproductions in the Appendix. If Mr. Jerjian is planning a new edition, he might like to correct the spelling of the parenthetical Turkish translations, and not comparing Atatürk to Franco and Lenin if he wants his Turkish readers to pay full attention past page 70.”

Elif Safak, Turkish writer and novelist

“Anyone interested in the history of the 20th Century, who cares about the resolution of national conflicts in the 21st, must read Jerjian’s fine book. The Armenian genocide was perhaps the most ghastly atrocity committed during the last century. Mr. Jerjian treats his subject with the restraint of a gentleman and the sensitivity of a poet. His optimistic vision for the future is both deeply touching and extremely encouraging.”

John K. Bleimaier, Attorney, Princeton

“Perhaps the most solid signal that communication among people who care about the world condition is the amount of attention the reading, interested, concerned people who take the time to read and respond to the reviews posted here on This international forum ignites the minds of all manner of thinkers and is obviously not simply a platform for finding books to read or films to view or recordings to hear. After reviewing THE BURNING TIGRIS I have received beautifully constructed and emailed opinions from both sides of the 100-year-old discussion of the Armenian genocide. Now we have a book written in quiet, scholarly fashion that places these two poles on the same gaming table. George Jerjian’s terse but touching book THE TRUTH WILL SET US FREE: ARMENIANS AND TURKS RECONCILED may seem like a plea for a mid-ground end to the argument as to whether or not the ‘genocide’ was indeed a genocide. His book is conversational, backed by not only footnotes but by photocopies of documents he quotes. He first relates the historical facts from as nonpartisan a view as he is able to construct about what happened in the first two decades of the 20th Century, when the Turks of the Ottoman Empire and the Armenians of Eastern Anatolia were in conflict. He does this through an examination of known documents as well as a family history that reflects direct association with the events (an Armenian family who was befriended by an important Turk during that time). He then addresses the steps the world has taken to discover the truth about the occurrence of the Armenian genocide.”

Grady Harp, Top Amazon Reviewer

“George Jerjian’s book is a gift to each of us. His use of the language, structure and ability to evoke real emotions is truly amazing. I found this to be a quick read, and read it in an hour. The author tugs at heartstrings, provokes thought and offers a solution. Give this book to everyone on your Christmas list.”

Sarkis T. Etoian, Philadelphia

 Ecosystem: The 12 Principles of eBusiness (2001)

“I hope this pioneering book will stimulate further fresh thinking.”

Patricia Hewitt MP, former Minister for Trade & Industry, UK government

“The case studies provided by Power and Jerjian will be valuable to business managers seeking to understand the E-Business transformation that we are all experiencing.”

Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

“Above all, this is a practical book for organisations and people, who want not only detailed advice about all elements of E-Business, but also about how each can be powerfully combined into a coherent strategy.”

Professor Malcolm McDonald, Cranfield School of Management

“The authors categorize major E-Commerce issues that all companies need to understand. The book is rich in real-world examples and includes interviews with business managers.”

Dr Nigel Upton, Project Manager, E-Business, London Business School

“Authoritative and readable, Ecosystem provides a concise overview of key issues, problems and potential consequences of E-Business. It deserves to be read.”

Professor Anthony Hopwood, Said Business School, University of Oxford

“Ecosystem frees the thinking from linear multi-step business performance solutions to an organic flexible framework and toolkit enabling organisations to navigate the new models, concepts and jargon emerging in eBusiness – a highly practical book with immensely valuable profiles, interviews, and case studies.

Professor David Birchall, Director of Research, Henley Management Centre

“An excellent book with many provocative and interesting insights.”

Professor W. Andrew Taylor, Associate Dean, University of Bradford

“An interesting summary of material across many applications.”

Professor Philip M. Parker, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD

“It is not a hard piece of work to see that Microsoft.NET maps very closely on   to Ecademy’s 12 Principles of eBusiness.”

Terry Smith, Director, Internet Business Group, Microsoft UK Ltd

“This book is easy to read and profound in its insights. It provides multiple perspectives describing how supply chains are being replaced by ecosystems, whose processes are internet-enabled. It describes convincingly the economic foundations upon which current business revolution is taking place.”

Paul S. Bender, President, Bender Consulting

“An invaluable guide and compelling insight into e-Commerce. It shows how organisations are collaborating with their alliance partners to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem and new revenue streams.”

Paul Taylor, VP and General Manager EMEA, Commerce One

Ecosystem is full of useful ideas and case studies, both for clicks and mortar and new economy companies. It provides a comprehensive and well-structured guide to conducting E-Business.”

Wendy Miller, Marketing Manager UK, RSA Security

“The 12 Principles of E-Business is an excellent introduction for the manager, who needs a road-map to the new economy. Illustrated with useful case studies, the authors have considered the challenges that managers must address when planning and implementing an eBusiness strategy.”

Ajaz Ahmed, Chairman, AKQA

Seven Ages: Personal Financial Planning (1997)

“This book cuts through the jargon and provides a simple and concise explanation of the basic tools of the financial planning industry.”

Jeremy Arnold, Partner, Private Clients Dept., Withers LLP

“Seven Ages provides a useful basic introduction to some of the main concepts of personal financial planning…”

Roderic Rennison, Managing Director, Robson Rhodes Financial Planning Ltd

“We warmly welcome Seven Ages as a significant contribution to informing the public of its opportunities and responsibilities in this area.”

John Ellis, Public Affairs Director, Life Insurance Association