“The DARE Program is a must-do gem for anyone nearing, or already in, their retirement years. My goal, to write a memoir, has been ignited by this. George Jerjian helped me to reach this point, with his warm and compassionate teaching style. He is skilled and experienced in guiding fledgling retirees along the road to a deeply satisfying and fulfilling future.”

Janet Lawson, Massachusetts, USA

“The biggest take home lesson I learnt from George’s course and our conversations is to think differently. I learnt to look at what excites me, and where I can use my skills and experience in a new way and discovered that I need to find my tribe and put myself out there to create opportunities, see what happens and not be afraid of failing. I feel more energised about the future and realise that action needs to be taken.  I am grateful to George for his help and guidance, and I highly recommend his course.”

Dr Richard Sibthorpe, London, UK, and California, USA

“George’s course ticked all the boxes. I love doing courses, developing personally, and learning, and I was amazed by how much George knew, how spiritual he was, and how everything he said was backed up by experience and study. I couldn’t believe how many books he’d written. I came away from the course with a plan, a blueprint for the next chapter, but also much more than that. George gave me a focus and shifted my mindset, helping turn negatives into positives.”

Jenny Baxter, Yorkshire, UK

“Because of George, my mindset has changed to such an extent that I have engaged more new clients and while I am busier than I have been for some time, I have more energy, endurance, and enthusiasm in my life.”

John W Rick, Missouri, USA and London, UK

Diane Scott

“After following this enjoyable, thought-provoking and challenging course, I have found a new and positive orientation to my life.”

Diane Scott, Suffolk, UK

jane sawyer

“George’s broad knowledge of the social, psychological, and economic realities confronting today’s retirees, combined with his personal story, and his varied exercises, helped me to create an individualized path of action. Now, I am more energized and enthused about my future.”

Jane Sawyer, San Diego, CA

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