About George Jerjian

George Jerjian is a mindset mentor serving his tribe – retiring baby boomers – by helping them to discover that in the afternoon of their lives, they deserve to live a life of purpose and passion, and to go out with a bang, not a whimper.

Using PSYCH-K®, George’s mission is inspiring his tribe to transform themselves, by reaching out for a new and worthy goal in the next chapter of their lives.

With a business degree from Bradford University in England (1973) and a master’s degree in Journalism from New York University (1993), George has been in business for 40 years, a Chartered Marketer for 35 years, a partner in a US commercial real estate for 35 years, and crucially a financial adviser for about five years in the 1990s.

George is an Emmy-award-winning producer, a Distinguished Toastmaster, and author of 10 books under his belt. His 10th book, Spirit of Gratitude: Crises are Opportunities, which gained him international media recognition. His online program – Dare to Discover Your Purpose – is a pioneering program and the first of its kind serving the retiring baby boomer market.


We all have a book in us

We all have a book in us

Publishing a book doesn't have to be a fantasy... I love stories. Always have. Although I didn’t like reading much at school. That was because it was forced on me and I’ve never been one to conform!...

Shredding My Skin

Shredding My Skin

What can you leave behind in 2021 that no longer serves you? Sitting in my office the other day, my mind wandering aimlessly, I caught sight of something on my wall.  My certificates. Documents...

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