Helping Retirees Find

A New Beginning…

Are you heading towards retirement

and feeling unsure about what is to come?

Perhaps you have reached retirement only to discover that it isn’t the dream life you were sold. If you lack purpose or feel lost, empty, or confused, then you are not alone.

As a mindset coach and mentor, George has studied retirement, lived it, and been given an insight into the lives of over 20,000 retirees across the globe. All of this means he has a unique perspective and understanding of what retirement is, and what it is not.

Using The DARE Method™ he devised, as well as proven methods and techniques, George takes his clients on a journey to find their true purpose as they enter this new chapter in their lives and encourages them to rebel against conventional approaches to life after work.

About George Jerjian

As a lifelong maverick, pioneer, and rebel, George has experienced success and failure. Now, his life is all about making a difference with meaningful work; helping retirees and those heading for retirement live with purpose, passion, and prosperity. Using The DARE Method™ he challenges the over 55’s to stay healthy, active, and socially engaged, just like him.

Helping Retirees Find a New Beginning

George works with clients in a number of ways, sharing knowledge and advice through blogs, newsletters, articles, podcasts, and his best-selling books. His digital course and signature live program are based on The DARE Method™, a pioneering and innovative program he created to help retirees and those approaching retirement change the way they feel about this important, but often misunderstood, life stage.

In his live program, Dare to Discover Your Purpose, George guides clients through The DARE Method™ in live online sessions, and through insightful exercises. His method is proven, working time and time again to help people fulfil their true potential after the age of 55.

George also offers a pre-recorded option which you can work on independently and in your own time.

George Jerjian - online live courses

Live Courses

Join George on his signature eight-week live course. In your 90-minute weekly sessions over Zoom, George will guide you through his tried and tested The DARE Method™ program and help you to find your true purpose in later life.

George Jerjian online digital courses

Digital Courses

George’s eight-week pre-recorded program is suitable for people who would rather work through The DARE Method™ in their own time. You will receive weekly videos from George, along with engaging exercises and resources.


George has authored ten books. His latest, DARE to Discover Your Purpose, is an international bestseller and the perfect accompaniment to his live and pre- recorded courses.


“The DARE Method™ is a must-do gem. Now, I am newly inspired to begin the journey of chronicling my life with the purposeful aspiration of touching the hearts of others. George Jerjian helped me reach this point, with his warm and compassionate teaching style. He is skilled and experienced in guiding fledgling retirees along the road to a deeply satisfying and fulfilling future.”

Janet Lawson

“I feel more energised about the future and realise that action needs to be taken. I’ve already started by adapting my own business in the UK. I am grateful to George for his help and guidance, and I highly recommend both him and The DARE Method™”

Dr Richard Sibthorpe

“I’m in a state of excited anticipation. The exercises and expert guidance enabled me to ‘drill down’ to my inner most thoughts and beliefs, and examine them, allowing some to be released and new ideas to begin to formulate. This ultimately has given me a new perspective and a starting point for the next chapter in my life.”

Jenny Baxter

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