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Dare to Discover Your Purpose is an innovative new online program designed to help you change the way you feel about this important but often misunderstood life stage. This unique program challenges you to DARE to rebel against conventional approaches to retirement, see through the ‘fake news’ we’re told about how to live in later life and choose to prosper instead.

Using compelling video modules combined with a series of enjoyable but revealing exercises, Dare to Discover Your Purpose will help you fulfil your true potential after the age of 55.

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Introducing George Jerjian

A lifelong maverick, pioneer, and rebel, life has given him successes and failures. Now it’s all about making a difference with work that has meaning for him including helping retiring baby-boomers recreate a life of purpose, passion, and potential that reflects how we live today: fit, healthy, active and socially engaged — just like him.

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Book: Spirit of Gratitude

Spirit of Gratitude is the author’s life journey, where his challenges have acted as a springboard to new lives. In retrospect, these obstacles were his finger posts in life.

The purpose of his stories is to engage the reader to identify their crises as opportunities, and using the spirit of gratitude’s magnetic force, draw joyous people and events to themselves.

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We all have a book in us

We all have a book in us

Publishing a book doesn't have to be a fantasy... I love stories. Always have. Although I didn’t like reading much at school. That was because it was forced on me and I’ve never been one to conform! I never imagined I’d become an author, let alone of 10 books, but the...

Let’s rid retirement of shame

Let’s rid retirement of shame

There's no shame in retirement... Ask any retired person what they do, and most will respond with, “retired teacher”, “former salesman” or “well, I used to be a doctor, mechanic, cook…” It’s rare for someone to simply say, “I’m retired.” So why is this? Well, the...

Nothing is impossible! Why life at 75 is ‘undeniably exciting’

Nothing is impossible! Why life at 75 is ‘undeniably exciting’

Introducing Retirement Rebel, Graham Short! One of the best things about my job is the people I meet. Each and every one of them opens my eyes and helps me see the world in a new light. Of course, many people I work with are stuck in retirement, wandering aimlessly...

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