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Spirit of Gratitude

Spirit of Gratitude is the author’s life journey, where his challenges have acted as a springboard to new lives. In retrospect, these obstacles were his finger posts in life.

The purposes of his stories is to engage the reader to identify their crises as opportunities, and using the spirit of gratitude’s magnetic force, draw joyous people and events to themselves.

The title Spirit of Gratitude evokes two ideas: First, it harks back to the single-engine airplane named Spirit of St Louis, which author and aviator Charles Lindbergh flew solo on his non-stop maiden flight in 1927, across the Atlantic Ocean, from New York to Paris, in 33 hours. Second, it leads us to understand that “gratitude is the pathway into thinking,” and if we are to reach new horizons in our lives, we too must make our maiden voyage across the ocean of our subconscious minds.