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George’s pioneering program requires you to summon the courage to emerge from your comfort zone and embark on a new journey. It gives you the knowledge, psychology, strategy, and tools that you need to make positive changes. So, if you are uncertain about this life stage, this is your chance to be forewarned – and forearmed.

As part of mindset mentor George Jerjian’s research into retirement today, he recently surveyed 21,000 people over the age of 55 living across the globe. The findings were ground-breaking. When asked what they would change about retirement, one in three people said they wanted to find a new purpose.

This, along with many other jaw-dropping insights and George’s own “hellish” experience of retirement, shaped The DARE Method™ program. This innovative online course was designed to help you change how you feel about later life and is for anyone in or heading towards retirement. Do you DARE to Discover Your Purpose?

Each week George hosts a live 90-minute webinar with his course delegates, and we explore the following subjects:

Week 1: Why Retirement Rebellion?

Discovering why we must not sleepwalk into retirement.

Week 2: The Reality of Retirement

The truth, as opposed to the illusion we have been sold.

Week 3: Mindset Rebel

Understanding how our mind, conscious and subconscious, works.

Week 4: Your Rebel Mind

Realising the power contained in our thoughts and imagination.

Week 5: Create your Rebel Mindset

Tapping into our intuition, self-image, and attitude.

Week 6: Rebel Purpose

Discovering “ikigai” and what gives our life meaning and joy.

Week 7: The Gratitude Rebel

Understanding how thinking and thanking are neurologically connected.

Week 8: Rebel with a Cause

Considering why we must break the rules to learn, grow, and thrive.

As part of the webinar, delegates are guided through a series of exercises which they complete together with George and in their own time.

The next 8-week LIVE online course will start on Tuesday 7th February.

Why The DARE Method™ Live Programme is right for you:


Help you to avoid health hazards in retirement.


It will help to ensure you do not outlive your savings.


Retirement is a time to discover a new purpose and start a new and exciting journey.


By creating a new life for ourselves, we set a worthy example to our children.

Here is what previous attendees had to say about the course…

“The DARE Method™ is a must-do gem for anyone nearing, or already in, their retirement years. My goal, to write a memoir, has been ignited by this. George Jerjian helped me to reach this point, with his warm and compassionate teaching style. He is skilled and experienced in guiding fledgling retirees along the road to a deeply satisfying and fulfilling future.”

Janet Lawson

Massachusetts, USA

“The biggest take home lesson I learnt from George’s course and our conversations is to think differently. I learnt to look at what excites me, and where I can use my skills and experience in a new way and discovered that I need to find my tribe and put myself out there to create opportunities, see what happens and not be afraid of failing. I feel more energised about the future and realise that action needs to be taken. I am grateful to George for his help and guidance, and I highly recommend both him and The DARE Method™.”

Dr Richard Sibthorpe

London, UK

“George’s course ticked all the boxes. I love doing courses, developing personally, and learning, and I was amazed by how much George knew, how spiritual he was, and how everything he said was backed up by experience and study. I couldn’t believe how many books he’d written. I came away from the course with a plan, a blueprint for the next chapter, but also much more than that. George gave me a focus and shifted my mindset, helping turn negatives into positives.”

Jenny Baxter

Yorkshire, UK

Introducing George

George is a mindset mentor, retirement coach and author who now focuses on helping retirees to discover their purpose in retirement. To find out more about George click here

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the LIVE course and how does it work?

When you sign up to the DARE to Discover Your Purpose LIVE course, you will take part in a 90-minute online group session with George Jerjian and the other course delegates once a week, for eight weeks. George will guide you step by step through each module and exercise and there will be lots of time for you to ask questions. You’ll also benefit from hearing the challenges other people are facing and how they are working to overcome them. The LIVE course means you’ll start your journey to find a new purpose with George as your guide.

What age group is this suitable for?

If you’re aged between 55 and 75 and either heading towards or in retirement, this course is ideal for you, but there are no age limits and it’s never too late to find your true purpose.

Will I need to do another course after this one?
No, the LIVE course contains everything you need to start your journey to a purposeful retirement. There is the option to book in for private 1-2-1 sessions with George should you need any further guidance.
Does The DARE Method™ work?

George has many satisfied clients who all say that doing his course has changed their lives. You can read their testimonials here. It is important to note that this is not something that can be done ‘to you’. The answers you seek lie within you, and you need to work to find them – something that is made much easier with George as your guide.

How much time do I need to dedicate to doing the course?

The LIVE course takes place each week for eight consecutive weeks. There will be a 90-minute online group session with George in which you will go through the module and a series of exercises. You will also need to dedicate time during the week to work independently on the exercises. The more time you invest in yourself, the better the result.

How do I book?

Simply click on this link  and select the date you wish to start the course. You will then be directed to the payment page. Please note that George’s LIVE course runs five times a year. Sign up to his mailing list  to be the first to find out about upcoming courses.

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