You may have set yourself a myriad of new year’s resolutions to; exercise more, drink less, better yourself… or maybe there was just one small thing you hoped you could change. No matter the length of your list, sticking to our goals in January or at any other time of year isn’t easy, but what few of us realize is that by not harnessing the true power of our minds, we are self-sabotaging, making it harder to achieve our hopes and our dreams.

Your powerful mind

Our minds are divided into two, the conscious and the subconscious.  Our conscious mind is our thinking mind; our subconscious mind controls our feelings and emotions.  The former receives information from our senses, things like feeling hot and cold, whereas the latter is much deeper.  It is intuitive and gathers information much more quickly.  If someone tells us they “are fine”, but we can clearly see they are not, our subconscious mind chooses to believe the energy of the person rather than the words that come out of their mouth.  We realize something is wrong, even if it isn’t vocalized.

But, and this is a BIG but when it comes to our own lives, far too many of us focus on our conscious ‘thinking’ mind, never questioning what our subconscious mind is telling us.  This is debilitating and the reason why so many of us find change hard, even impossible.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift,” Albert Einstein is widely quoted as saying – and who can argue with a genius?!

Self-limiting beliefs

All of us have beliefs stored in our subconscious mind.  Beliefs that were created in childhood.  Beliefs that don’t belong in our adult lives.   Most of these came from our parents or influential people in our lives – “I cannot sing”, “I am terrible at sport”, “I have no friends”, and “I’m no good with money” – are just some examples.   These beliefs may have served some purpose in childhood, but most are over-simplified and outdated and left unchallenged, having a profound and detrimental effect on the way we live today.

These self-limiting beliefs become our reality, influencing not just our ‘now’ but also our future.

“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Henry Ford believed that our thoughts create our reality, and he was right.  And so, if we want to live full lives as retirees and to make the change we desire to make, we need to pay much more attention to our subconscious mind.  The mind that makes up 99% of our thinking.  Challenging and changing the beliefs stored there is the key to achieving our goals and unlocking a purposeful future.

If I can, so can you…

I knew very little about mindset until my late fifties and until then, I was very much led by my conscious ‘thinking’ mind.   In ‘retirement’, this way of living did not serve me and so I began to pay more attention to my subconscious mind and when I discovered how to, I challenged what it was telling me and the control it exerted over my life.  Now, hand on heart, aged sixty-seven, I feel far more energetic than I did a decade ago.  I have a new purpose, a new identity, and a new spring in my step.

And so can you.

Follow my lead…

I’m not going to lie; it is not easy.  There is no ‘quick-fix’, but the benefits are worth the investment, especially as we approach or experience the end of our working lives.

This time of life is a wake-up call.  Your last chance to do what you always wanted to do, what you were born to do.

But how?  By taking small steps to harness the power of your subconscious mind and use it as a force for good.

  • First, you need to decide that you deserve to live with passion and purpose.
  • Then you need to be ready to live the life you were meant to live, instead of the life you were expected to live by family, friends, and society. This is the stage most retirees find difficult.  Our conscious mind tells us that retirement is a time to “chill out”, “wind down” and “take on caring responsibilities,” but our subconscious minds tell us it is SO much more than that.
  • To make the changes we want to make takes courage. Now is the time to summon it.
  • Finally, you need to decide that you will live life with no regrets. Not now, not ever.

Afraid?  Confused? Don’t be.  I’ve been there and can guide you every step of the way to make the change you are looking for, giving you the knowledge, tools, and courage to achieve every single one of your life-changing goals.

To learn more about my in person and online courses and my Dare to Discover Your Purpose book, check out the website.

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