What retirement mistakes could you be making?

by | Sep 23, 2020

Have you ever asked yourself this question? It’s something I get asked a lot by my clients. And that’s why I’ve created something brand new which I’m excited to be sharing with you today. 

It’s a quiz called “What Retirement Mistakes Could You Be Making?“ and you can find it right here.


The quiz has been a real labour of love and I created it to help baby boomers work out what areas they need to focus on at retirement age to help them lead a life of passion and purpose. My quiz is a really simple way of finding out.

Why am I telling you this? As a reader of my blog, you’ve been a big part of my journey to get to this point, so I would really like you to be the first to try the quiz out.

Cover of my Retirement quiz

It’s pretty much ready, but I need some of my online community to ‘road-test’ it for me, and I thought – who better to ask than you! I know you’ll be patient and understand it’s a work in progress. 

I’d love to hear your feedback and hopefully, you might learn something about yourself along the way! At the very least, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.


The quiz only takes a few minutes and you get a free, unique report at the end of it.

I look forward to hearing what you think. Don’t forget to share the quiz with your retirement age friends – I’d really like to get their feedback too. If you have any thoughts you can email me at [email protected] – I’d love to hear from you.

George Jerjian
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