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by | Feb 28, 2022

Retirement courses for everyone!

Most of you know my story by now… but for those of you who don’t, I’ll give you a quick synopsis.

A few years ago, age 52, I was given just six months to live. Thankfully, the diagnosis was wrong, but I was forced into semi-retirement, and it was hell.  Once the honeymoon period wore off, I was bored, restless and empty. I had family, friends, newly restored good health, and an active social life, but it wasn’t enough. I needed purpose and passion and so I went on a long journey to find mine. I’ve since dedicated my life to helping other Boomers do the same – through talks, courses, bootcamps and books. I love this work and I don’t intend to ever retire….and in my opinion, neither should you.

Do you know the three secrets to a daring retirement?

I’m often asked about my DARE method and how it can help retirees and those planning for retirement and that’s why I offer a free 60-minute session – Three Secrets to A Daring Retirement.  In it we discuss, health, finances, and purpose – and I set you on the road to finding yours.

Many of those who complete this seminar come back wanting more. They want to know how to create a retirement that fulfils them. They want to understand why the retirement they’ve been promised – and dreamed of – can never be a reality. They want to discover a later life that fill them with purpose and with joy.

For those people there are two ways to access my program – they can do the live course, which is made up of a 90-minute live, interactive workshop once a week for eight weeks. Or there’s a pre-recorded option where they will be ‘drip-fed’ the same content, resources, and exercises once a week for eight weeks.

I also run bootcamps for groups of people and organisations, where I condense the program into three full days of workshops, seminars, and Q&A sessions.

Personally, I always recommend the live program as I think these things work better when you work collaboratively with other people in similar situations. You’re able to share your thoughts, opinions, and ideas and often you’ll become more than just course-mates.

I realise though, that the live option isn’t for everyone – there are time and financial constraints, and this is a journey that some just have to undertake on their own.  Rest assured though, whatever option you go for, I will be there to guide you every step of the way to a better life and a brighter future.

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What is my DARE method?

I created the DARE method specifically for Boomers – long retired, just retired and not yet retired, but what exactly is it and how does it work?

To undertake DARE, as the name suggests, you need courage and strength. It’s not an easy process, but it’s absolutely worth it.

The DARE program gives you the knowledge, psychology, strategy, and tools to make positive changes in your life.  This is your chance to be forewarned about retirement – and forearmed.

It’s a four-step process.

First, we discover what retirement is – and what it’s not. Second, we understand how our mind works and how it can hold us back. Third, we start to re-wire our mind and challenge our subconscious thinking and fourth, we start to expand our horizons and reframe our future.

In my mind, the biggest risk in life is not taking any risks at all, so what do you have to lose?

Join my tribe, go on, I DARE you…. [email protected]

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