The Reality Of Retirement In Cartoons

by | Dec 15, 2021

Retirement is no laughing matter…

If I had to choose one image to sum up what I do, it would be this…

Retirement cartoons as seen in my retirement book Dare To Discover Your Purpose

Far too many people see retirement as a reward. The day they pick up their ‘carriage clock’, walk out of their office for the very last time, and into a new ‘nirvana’. A life filled with endless pleasure, freedom and choice.

If only it was that simple, or that idyllic.

This vision of retirement is as outdated as the carriage clock. It has no place in society today.

Retirement today is not a heavenly place.  I know.  I’ve been there. For me, it was more like hell.  A lonely, empty existence.  My purpose and my pride destroyed in an instance.  And I know, having spoken to thousands of other retirees, I’m not alone in feeling this way.

For me, retirement is a crisis time.  The big problem is that retirees only realise this when it’s too late.  They sit on their sofas, staring at their ‘carriage clock’, watching time tick by and wondering what on earth they should do with the rest of their lives.

Luckily, I help them find the answer.

Painting pictures

The carriage clock image is the first of eight sketches by the amazingly talented Nigel Sutherland to grace my latest book, DARE to Discover Your Purpose, which is published next month. You can pre-order your copy here and qualify for a free LIVE interactive workshop with me.

I absolutely love every single one of Nigel’s sketches and I’m in awe of the way he manages to capture thousands of words and thoughts in one drawing.

I’ve written ten books now and this is the first to contain ‘cartoons’.  I’ve never really felt the need for them before. Words have always been enough.

But this time I felt differently.  I wanted visuals to sum up ideas and thoughts that take time to explain. I wanted to appeal to readers on a different level.

Dumbing down

Not everyone thought adding cartoons to my book was a good idea. Some people thought I was joking, others asked whether I was ‘dumbing down,’ which did make me chuckle!

Thankfully, most people see the sketches as a welcome addition. Another way of getting my message across.

I also believe that an image sticks in the mind far longer than words do. And that’s what I want. I want to open people’s eyes to the reality of retirement today and show them, before it’s too late, that unless they plan for it, it won’t be a dream.

Retirement Rebel from my book Dare To Discover Your Purpose

I also want as many people as possible to join my rebel movement, as the more people see retirement for what it really is, the sooner we will be able to change the way society as a whole think about retirement and prepare for it. So, will you join my rebel tribe? I do hope so.

Pre-order my book now and you’ll automatically qualify for a free LIVE interactive workshop with me.

Go on, what are you waiting for?

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