Retirement Rebels: John K Bleimaier

by | Feb 13, 2020

Welcome to the second instalment in my new, monthly ‘Retirement Rebels’ series, quick-fire interviews with inspiring personalities I’ve met on my journey.

What they all have in common is the fact that in later life, they’ve all found their purpose and taken steps towards an alternative life stage that is the opposite of ‘retiring’: something that I can help you do too.

John K Bleimaier smoking a pipeThis month, we have a Princeton based lawyer, who is also a land-owning farmer and antique car enthusiast.

John K Bleimaier is the epitome of a Retirement Rebel, so enjoy his responses below – and if you’d like to be featured yourself, email me at [email protected].


Do you consider yourself retired – and if not, why not?

No, I am not yet “tired.” Thus, “re-tired” is impossible.

How do your thoughts on retirement differ from most people? In other words, what makes you a retirement rebel?

I started out as a rebel at Columbia College and still believe that, “the South will rise again.” South Jersey, that is.

Do you have a typical day? What does it look like?

Rise and shine… Readjust the mirror!

What’s been your proudest moment since you turned 50?

I am not sure this would be appropriate to share in mixed company!

Do you have a favourite quote that inspires you?

Auto racing, bullfighting, and mountain climbing are the only real sports—all others are games. Barnaby Conrad Jr. (but often wrongly attributed to Ernest Hemingway)

What’s your favourite social media channel, and what was the last thing you posted on it?

What is a “social media channel?” Is this political journalism or a geographic location?

If you could tell your 18-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

Relax, you have at least 51 years to go.

When did you last belly-laugh – and what was it about?

I last experienced a belly-laugh when I read my answers to your questions! Guess I am pretty self-centered.

Do you have any regrets?

Back in 1992, I was invited to attend the elevation of Abune Paulos to be the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Addis Ababa, and I went to another party instead.

What are your aspirations for retirement – and above all, what do you wish to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for leading the last cavalry charge, at the most advanced age and for having decimated the enemies of Christian civilisation.

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