My feature in Top Santé magazine

by | Sep 7, 2020

Cover of September's Top Sante magazineI’ve got some exciting news to share with you. The September issue of Top Santé, which is the UK’s leading healthy lifestyle magazine for grown-up women, is out – and it includes an article by me!

I’m thrilled that my feature, which is called ‘Holding Back the Years’, has hit the shelves, and even better – it spans three pages of the magazine.

In it, I share THE new approach to retiring: how to do it with better health,  greater wealth and more purpose than ever before.

You can see a preview of it in these photos – but I do encourage you to go and grab a copy for yourselves and turn to page 30. Top Santé is available in supermarkets and newsagents all over the UK, or to order via the magazine website here.


You’ll also find within the article an exclusive opportunity to join my new online coaching program ‘‘Dare To Discover Your Purpose’. When you’re ready to discover more, head on over to my online course.

Happy reading!


George Jerjian
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