Fine Tune The Voice Inside You And Watch Your World Grow

by | Jan 31, 2022

Why a growth mindset is the thing you need most in retirement

You retire from work. The first few months are a blast. Your diary, packed with social engagements, catch-ups with colleagues, luxury holidays, and time to yourself. You’ve worked and waited years for this and it’s wonderful.  Everything you expected it to be.

Then, reality sets in…

Your days become monotonous, the social engagements dry up, you realise life can’t be one long holiday as you simply can’t afford it. You begin to worry about money… And your health. You have nothing to get out of bed for.

Retirement isn't always the happy place it's painted to be

This, unfortunately, is the reality of retirement for millions of people.  The reality no one tells you about.  The reality so many people are stuck with.

But there is a way out.

You can change things, by finding ways to grow

Not plants, seeds, and flowers. You can do that, obviously, but the growth I’m talking about is within you and more specifically, your mind. You need to manipulate, expand, stretch, and nurture your mind – that way, it will work for you, not against you.

Take my friend Maggie…

Maggie’s friends are in a choir. They rehearse twice a week, but for each and every one of the women involved, this choir is about much more than singing.  It’s a social, spiritual, mindful, and emotional network.  A place to ‘be’.   Maggie would love to join, but she can’t…

“Sing. Me?! You must be joking. I can’t hold a tune. I’d just embarrass myself – and you. No, let’s just meet for a coffee next week.”

growth mindset in retirement

Sound familiar? We all say we can’t do things.  But, more often than not, we absolutely can, and we should.

Everyone can sing. Admittedly some are far better at it than others. The main difference between those with the voice of a nightingale and those who emit more of a ‘dirge’ is that the nightingales believe they can.

The thing that holds the ‘dirges’ back is their own mindset. Telling them they’re not good enough and they never will be and that that is that.

But what if that isn’t that? What if Maggie can sing and can join the choir.? Wouldn’t that be a good place for her to be?

“I want to break free”

Do you really?  As this is key. If you want to change something, you have to really want to. You have to believe you can.

The process may take 30 seconds, or it make take months – even years – but you will get there.

A growth mindset is integral to a happy retirement

It’s all about moving from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset. It’s about challenging your subconscious mind and those negative beliefs you’ve probably been carrying around since childhood. It’s about telling yourself you can – and believing it.

Voice of an angel

Maggie doesn’t have the voice of an angel. She never will, but she is now a fully-fledged member of the All Angels choir. A choir that has literally opened doors for her and made her world a much wider, purposeful, and fulfilling place to be.

It took time for her to fine tune the voice inside her, but as she says, “It was more than worth it. I am worth it. I can sing.”

So next time you say you can’t, stop yourself. Think again. If you want to, you can and you will. And your future self will absolutely thank you for it.

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