2020… a year none of us will forget

by | Dec 30, 2020

2020… a year none of us will forget

What a year it’s been. As I write this final blog post to you, my Retirement Rebellion community, it has got me thinking how we started 2020 off: full of hope and optimism for the year ahead.

My hope is that we can start 2021 in a similar way. In spite of the many tragedies that have come about during this unforgettable year, there have been some silver linings within the clouds. For me, that has been growing my community, and seeing what enjoyment you’ve got out of the content I’ve produced, from my courses and podcasts to my social media posts and retirement blogs.

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So what have you been reading here on my blog? Firstly, I hope you enjoyed my Mindset Masters series earlier in the year which explored some of my favourite authors, and the books they’ve written that inspire my work as a ‘Retirement Rebel’ – challenging the way we live our lives after the age of 50. From Joe Dispenza to Ken Robinson via Brene Brown, this series proved very popular with all of you. 

Then there was my Retirement Rebels series, quick-fire interviews with some of the fascinating people I’ve met on my journey. They have one thing in common: the fact that in later life, they’ve all chosen not to take the well-trodden path, and instead found a life of purpose at retirement age: something that I can help you do too. 

Retirement can make us disengage us from our friends causing loneliness

In amongst these two series, I’ve shared news, views and also some long read blog posts which took a deep dive into some of the most important topics that relate to retirement: loneliness, mental health, work…

It’s been interesting to see which ones have been the most popular, and this blog post about why some people are ashamed of being retired really piqued your interest, as did this one about positivity and its life changing effects on your brain.

I’m really looking forward to writing more for you in 2021. If you have time over the New Year holiday, why not catch up on my blog? And if you’d like to contribute, perhaps with a guest blog, or by being interviewed as a Retirement Rebel, then email me at [email protected].

happy new year

In the meantime, all that’s left is for me to wish you a very Happy New Year – let’s hope 2021 will be as memorable as 2020, but for more positive reasons.

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