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In my last blog here, I talked about the difference between a fixed and a growth mindset and why a growth mindset is key to a successful retirement.  If you’re not sure whether you fit into the fixed or growth category, then do this simple quiz to find out.

Before I get into the reasons, I wanted to tell you about Jenny.  She’s a client of mine who, as a result of her growth mindset, has achieved remarkable things.

“I’ve been an NHS nurse my whole life and brought up three kids on my own, so I knew my pension would be rubbish and I would have to do something about it.” 

And she did.  Jenny set up a business with a friend to help nurses find work either in the nursing profession, or out of it.  And this business thrived.  Jenny could have sat back and reaped the rewards, she was comfortable financially, but she knew that there was more to life and that this was the time to start putting herself first.

Jenny wanted a new purpose and so she contacted me and together, we came up with a blueprint for the rest of her life.  She still has her business, but she’s bought a campervan and is travelling solo around Europe whilst mapping out her “dream retirement”.  With a holiday home on the coast, the development of a wellbeing retreat in Norfolk and, when she has some time, beekeeping, and wildflowers; hobbies she hopes will become her purpose and her passion in later life.

Jenny is an inspirational woman, but her growth mindset, as well as her determination and zest for life have helped her to transform herself, her life and that of her family. I believe a growth mindset is particularly important for Boomers and here’s why….

1. It helps you to keep learning

It’s really important that when you enter this new chapter of your life (retirement) you don’t let what you have achieved so far, define you.  When you retire, you are only two-thirds of the way through your journey.  You can still engage mentally and socially, and you have so much left to give.   This is the time to invest in YOU.  To put yourself first and ensure that however you choose to fill your day, the ‘work’ that you do is something you absolutely love. You need a growth mindset to do this.

2. It fosters resilience

A growth mindset enables you to better recover from difficult situations.    Retirement is a challenge on so many levels and one of the biggest we face.  When we retire, we disengage from work, from the people around us.  We lose our identity almost overnight.  We are left with two options; we can retreat, or, with the help of a growth mindset we can face this challenge head on and flourish.

3. It helps you to stay humble and value feedback

A growth mindset enables you to turn negative feedback into something positive and this is a crucial skill every retiree needs.  No one likes to be told that they could do better, and, as we age, we don’t naturally take any type of feedback well.  We think that with our lived experience, we know best.  And yet, often we don’t.  People with a growth mindset have the ability to accept this, to stay humble and open to feedback and to see it as a welcome gift, a chance to better themselves, the breakfast of champions.

Ultimately, life is a journey and one that we’re all on until our dying day.  Our path doesn’t come to an abrupt end when we retire but having a fixed mindset can lead us to believe that it does.  My growth mindset has taken me on some incredible journeys and opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities and I intend to keep on growing emotionally, spiritually, and mentally until the end of my days.  If you would like to understand how we help our clients to live the life they love, full of purpose, please do get in touch.

“Our purpose is to grow, to learn and to love and then we return home.”  Queen Elizabeth II

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