A science backed and tried-and-tested program to help you thrive after age 60


Do you feel as though retirement is draining your energy – or that it’s about to? Then take this opportunity to rethink, recreate, and reignite your life?

George’s program will help you boost your energy and find a sense of purpose. After all, the laws of nature dictate that all life forms are either growing or dying. If you’d rather continue growing, George can help you do just that…

This program is for you if:

  • Retirement is draining your energy and you feel stagnant
  • Your main relationship is suffering because of this
  • Your self-esteem feels diminished and you feel unworthy
  • You’ve lost your sense of passion, purpose and potential
  • You know the remaining time you have is precious, but you feel as though time has slowed down

Working together with George, he will:

  • Explain the science of the mind: subconscious and conscious
  • Show how the mind is the most powerful tool in your arsenal
  • Demonstrate why you are programmed to live in the past
  • Prove the physics, chemistry and biology of how belief will transform your reality and your life
  • Experience how to break the habit of being yourself

You can expect:

  • To feel more energetic on all levels
  • A significant improvement in your main relationship
  • To experience inspiration and a sense of passion and purpose
  • To lose track of time – in the most positive of ways
  • A boost to your self-esteem

How it works:

Private VIP Day
One Full Day (8 hours) or Two Half-day (4 hours each) Experiences with George, in person or online (Zoom or Skype generally)


£5,000 or US $6,500

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