Dare to discover your purpose book by George Jerjian
Loss of identity, vulnerability, and lack of purpose; it’s not the retirement most of us dream of, but it is the reality many of us face. In the first book of its kind, George Jerjian shows retired and retiring baby boomers how to “unretire” and live life with purpose. The goal of DARE to Discover Your Purpose is to give boomers the tools to approach retirement in a different way, so they can live a life of purpose and become who they were meant to be.




This is the author’s life journey, where his challenges have acted as a springboard to new lives, where obstacles have acted as finger posts to new lives, and Jerjian uses his personal stories to engage the reader to identify their crises as opportunities, and to be grateful for them because the spirit of gratitude acts like a magnetic force drawing in joyous people and events.
Paperback, Kindle and Audible versions available.

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more books by George Jerjian




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