Retirement Rebellion Videos

Watch and be inspired to turn your back on the traditional concept of retirement

George Jerjian Videos

A 1-minute video with George’s Signature tune – The Last Heroes by Carlos Estella

Watch George’s Book Launch

A 1-Hour video on George’s book launch
Spirit of Gratitude: Crises are Opportunities, in London on 18 October 2018

Armenia TV News on George’s book

Daylight After a Century, and the accompanying Exhibition of 100 photographs taken by his grandfather in the early 1900s, at the Armenian Genocide Museum in Yerevan, Armenia, in November 2015

Daylight After a Century

A 30-minute video documentary, produced with Holly Harrington-Ball, of the story behind the discovery of 100 photographs taken by George’s grandfather in the early 1900s of life and people in Ottoman Turkey before the First World War and the Armenian Genocide, which extinguished a civilization in that part of the world.

Interview with Voice of Armenians TV in New York

A 10-minute interview with Haik Kocharian at the AGBU headquarters in Manhattan before my book talk there in March 2015.

Daylight After a Century

A 1-minute trailer for this documentary.

Emerging Airlines: KIWI – George Jerjian Reporting

This 7-minute news documentary produced by George in 1993 while studying for his Master’s degree in Journalism at New York University, won him an EMMY Award in 1994 for first place in New Documentary for College Television Awards at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

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