George has worked as a marketer for almost 40 years, as a writer for some 20 years, and as a speaker for 15 years. Graduating in 1973 with a BSc in Business Studies from Bradford University (UK) George worked in marketing over the next 20 years, in Africa, in England and in the US and attained Chartered Marketer status.

George’s latest book, Daylight After A Century, is available on Amazon now. The book is a collection of photographs taken by his grandfather of his home town of Arabkir and his college town of Erzeroum between 1900 and 1907. These photographs capture the way of life of a people that within a decade would become extinct in Anatolia, their homeland for over 3,000 years. For over a century, these photographs were stored in a grey steel box. Now they have finally been exposed to daylight after a century of darkness.

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